Contract Manufacturer
  • Origin: SPAIN
  • Category: Professional Beauty
  • Brand Name: innovapro
  • Model Number: Laxer SHR System NN
  • Min. Order Quantity: 1
  • Accepted Payment Method: T/T

More than 20 years by your side.

We are a leading brand in quality and technological development within the beauty industry because we count on our customers feedback at every step.

Fleeing from the coldness of the devices, we have formed a human team with the spirit of accompanying aesthetic professionals in their professional career.

Our philosophy drives us to keep moving forward, but we want to do it with you because we know that together we go further.

A world of guarantees for your business and your patients.

The careful selection of materials and the expert work of our engineers and designers, allow us to offer a product of the best quality and at an excellent price, which surprises with its high performance.

At Innovapro we design and manufacture aesthetic devices for professionals like you. We understand beauty as an ecosystem that is composed of four fundamental pillars: Professionalism, Effectiveness, Guarantee and Safety.

Both our devices and our company are backed up by the most demanding certifications as CE 0123 and ISO13485


The Laxer System SHR-V is incomparable.

Uses an original Xenon light combined with SHR (Super Hair Removal) system technology to guarantee the best result with a 100% guaranteed PAINLESS treatment experience

allowing you to do more daily treatments in half of time.

Thanks to the efficiency of our devices, you will obtain optimal results, thus achieving greater fidelity in your patients while saving on resources. We think of you and your patients.

Its FLASH / SHR / BURST system applicators makes the equipment something unique and different.

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